How to Buy $50CENTS on PancakeSwap

50 Cents
3 min readMay 15, 2021


Create the metamask wallet

  1. Download/Install MetaMask from Chrome at this link:

2. Open a wallet or import one, be sure to store your keyphrase safely

3. Setting BSC network — You can buy $50CENTS with the BSC network only.

The BSC Network information

4. After saving, you’re now connected to the BSC network

Transfer BNB from Binance to MetaMask wallet

  1. Go to MetaMask and click on your address to copy

2. Go to Binance to withdraw BNB.

Paste your address into “Address” field and choose BEP20 (BSC) (It`s very important)! NOT BEP2!

Buy $50CENTS on PancakeSwap

  1. Go to PancakeSwap page with 50CENTS trade (click on text) and confirm alert window (Only after May 17 13:00 UTC).

2. Click “Connect” or “Unlock wallet” and confirm connection in MetaMask.

3. Set slippage tolerance to 49%, because your amount of money can make price up more than 10%.

4. Now you can buy $50CENTS

  • Set amount of BNB, what you want to spend on $50CENTS,
  • Click “Swap” and confirm transaction in MetaMask

or click “Approve” and confirm transaction in MetaMask, then click “Swap” and also confirm transaction in MetaMask.

Note: make small transactions, that will not make price impact on more, than 49% or Pancake will show you an error.